The sailing area

from campagnola beach to limone bay

lake garda, italy

Our area for sailing rentals is bounded by the area we see and reach to provide assistance if required. From our launch area to 1km from Limone and from the northern sight-line to our sight-line to the south of Limone, it’s 10 km2 of wonderful sailing.

l'Ora e Il Peler

Renowned for its two thermal winds, the 'Ora' and the 'Peler', Lake Garda offers conditions to suit every level of sailor or windsurfer. Il Peler blows in the morning from 5am or so and fades away at lunchtime. L'Ora can arrive immediately (within seconds!) or after a pause of up to an hour.

Stay safe and have fun!

Respect the sailing area

Please stay within the yellow lines

Dinghies, catamarans, wingfoils and windsurfers

We ask you to respect these boundaries for your own safety. The area of Limone bay often becomes windless in the afternoon and there is heavy ferry traffic from Malcesine to Limone and up the coast to Riva d.G.

To the north of our centre, we cannot see you and there is heavy traffic from the FVM port as well as the very crowded kite surf area where fast moving kite surfers and foiling kites are a danger to other types of craft.

Kayakers and SUPs

Kayakers and SUPs should stay close to the eastern shore on our left as the centre of the lake gets very busy and returning in a wind can be impossible.

Along the shoreline, there is more to see and do and it’s much easier to take a break if you tire.