VDWS Grundschein Catamaran

12 hrs

The course

An VDWS course enabling you to sail a catamaran and understand how it works. The course follows a syllabus set by the VDWS which covers safety, launching, returning and sailing upwind and downwind. A capsize drill is included to assure you of safety when sailing a catamaran.

Teaching method


Course and session timing


Pre-course experience

A wonderful course suiting all and requiring no previous experience

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  • Wind awareness, rigging, parts of the boat
  • Sailing across the wind, stopping (lying-to), speed control
  • Basic tacking (turning the front of the boat through the wind)
  • Basic gybing (turning the back of the boat through the wind)
  • Sailing upwind and downwind
  • Launching and landing
  • Awareness of other water users and basic knowledge of the rules of the road
  • Safety, personal buoyancy and weather conditions

Course progression

What's provided

Nothing except the lake

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