VDWS Catamaran pro-Modul

6 hrs

The course

Available after successfully completing your basic licence (‘Grundschein’), these modules impart key skills using advanced equipment and catamarans and also pass onto students tips and techniques for them to use in self-improvement. Students who took their Grundschein with us receive a discount of €30,00

Teaching method

Sailing a high performance catamaran with the options of trapezing and gennaker, your instructor will crew for you and demonstrate helming techniques.

Course and session timing

Likely to be two 3-hour sessions or 3 2-hour sessions. To maximise time on the water, make sure you are ready to go on the water straight away.

Pre-course experience

Building on from the VDWS basic licence (Grundschein), each 6-hour module covers a separate skill: optimal upwind and downwind sailing, trapeze use, downwind flyers, using a gennaker

How to book

Ring our office or email or complete an online enquiry by pressing ‘check availability’


The pro-modul will concentrate on one of the following to earn the appropriate sticker
  • optimal upwind and downwind sailing
  • trapeze use,
  • downwind flyers
  • using a gennaker

Course progression

What's provided

Buoyancy aid, wetsuit, trapeze harness and boots

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Please ensure that you read and understand our COVID-19 procedures and the terms and conditions of your course contract with us. Copies of these will be emailed with your course confirmation and are available, laminated, at the beach. You will be asked to sign to confirm that you have read and understood them.