ESS Surfverleih

Für den Verleih musst du mit dem gewählten Board am Wind bleiben können um nicht abzutreiben.

Beginner windsurf

Beginner windsurf kit using modern boards from Primotion and sails from VDWS in sizes from 2.5 sqM to 5.5 sqM. Sails can easily be changed to suit the wind and water conditions. A wetsuit is included in price.



You must be able to stay upwind if you rent from us. If you cannot stay upwind you must take lessons from us before renting.

Generally, morning wind is stronger and beginners will want 3.0sqM to 4.0 sqM, around lunch and in the early afternoon you might want from 4.0 sqM to 4.5 sqM.

If you are unsure of the right equipment for your needs, please describe your experience, age, weight and comfort in water in the additional information section on the booking form. We will make sure you sail with the right equipment.


Everything gets sprayed but please remember that masks must be worn if you are near to other people and at all times in the vicinity of our office.


Please bring ID with you as you may need it if you want to rent equipment from us ( 1 per boat is sufficient I. Remember to reclaim it at the end of your rental


To ensure the best use of your time and ours, please check-in 15 minutes before your course start (30 minutes on the first day of a multi session course)


Stay warm, bring a change of clothes. Suitable footwear. Wetsuits are available, costumes worn beneath. Wetboots are available or bring old trainers. No beach sandals. Bare feet at your own risk!