ESS Jollenverleih

Du musst Erfahrung mit dem Aufrichten eine Segeljolle haben, bevor du bei uns mietest

Topper original

Topper’s award-winning single-hander. It is ideal for teens and adults and is perfect for improving skills and getting on-the-water experience without an instructor on board. A boat for all conditions, has a choice of two sails and it can be reefed for stronger winds.

50,00 for 2 hours


Single person dinghy for juniors, teenagers or adults.  Available with 5.3m or 4.2m sail, either of which can be reefed. It can also be sailed jointly by two smaller teens or juniors.

The named renter must have experience of capsize and recovery in a single-handed dinghy.


Topaz Argo

The Topaz Argo is an award-winning small dinghy for 2, 3 or 4 sailors. Ideal for intermediate and advanced sailors, it is an exciting sail for two in strong winds or a great family cruise in lighter winds.

70,00 for 2 hours


The Topaz Argo is  Topper’s award-winning small dinghy for 2, 3 or 4 sailors. Great for day-sailing for the small group or family but equally at home for two sailors wishing to improve their general skills or to learn sailing in stronger winds.

The dinghy is available with trapeze for lightweight crews or juniors.

The named renter must have experience of capsize and recovery in a small dinghy.

Experienced sailors can rent the Topaz Argo Sport  equipped with both trapeze and gennaker.

Topaz Argo (Sport)

The Topaz Argo Sport is Topper’s award-winning small dinghy rigged with its gennaker and trapeze. It is ideal for advanced sailors but you must have an advanced sailing certificate to rent it. Best for two good sailors working as a team but can accommodate more.

80,00 for 2 hours


The Topaz Argo dinghy rigged with trapeze and an 11 sqM gennaker. Great for developing boat handling in stronger winds and for thrilling reaches with the gennaker.

Renters must be able to show us certificated proof of experience with a gennaker i.e. experience gained with us or a certificate from a recognised sailing authority.

Ask us if you are in any doubt.


An exciting sail in strong winds and an eye-catching boat in medium winds. Designed for two experienced sailors, with the crew required to trapeze. High performance sailing, so expect fun, thrills, spraying water and occasional spills.

95,00 for 2 hours


The original mass-production asymmetric spinnaker dinghy. Similar performance to a 29er but for larger crews. Requires experience of skiffs to rent, or a short introduction session with one of our instructors. The gennaker is always rigged and a trapeze and wetsuits are included in the price. We have two ISOs so a match-race is possible.

Foiling Laser

Suits experienced sailors wanting to try foiling, this is an excellent entry which uses your existing experience of Laser or similar single-hander. Progression to sustained flight is likely to require a few hours. We have courses to get you to a suitable level if you haven’t the necessary experience.

40,00 for 1 hour


A foiling Laser! Rise above the water-bound boats and cruise the lake*. A laser with radial rig fitted with the Andrew McDougall designed FOILZ. These really work well, using a bow-mounted wand and foiling centreboard and rudder with ride-height adjustment. Buoyancy aid provided, helmets and wetsuits available to rent.

Available to experienced Laser sailors or those with small dinghy experience only.

*may not be as easy as suggested


Everything gets sprayed but please remember that masks must be worn if you are near to other people and at all times in the vicinity of our office.


Please bring ID with you as you may need it if you want to rent equipment from us during or after your course


To ensure the best use of your time and ours, please check-in 15 minutes before your course start (30 minutes on the first day of a multi session course)


Your rental includes buoyancy aid and a wetsuit if required. Stay warm, bring a change of clothes. Suitable footwear is old trainers or deck shoes