ESS Foiling Verleih

Du musst Fußschlaufen verwenden können, um ein Windsurffoil oder ein Wingfoil zu mieten.


Everything gets sprayed but please remember that masks must be worn if you are near to other people and at all times in the vicinity of our office.


Bitte bringe einen Ausweis oder Führerschein, sowie eine Bescheinigung der Segel-/Surfkenntnisse mit.


For Wingfoil and foiling windsurf rental you must be already able to windurf using footstraps and planing. We offer courses to take you to this level.


Stay warm, bring a change of clothes and your own footwear. Wetsuits are available, costumes must be worn beneath. Foiling windsurfers can use one of our harnesses and everbody gets a buoyancy aid