Foiling for all


ESS Foilzentrum

WASZP, Laser, Windsurf, Wingfoil

Courses for one or two experienced sailors at a time, in foiling WASZPs, with an instructor teaching from a powerboat with the use of a radio helmet.

Short try-lessons are available and longer formal courses which will take you to independent sailing in this exciting class.

To successfully learn to foil a WASZP you should already be experienced in helming a performance dinghy. Talk to us about training plans if you are unsure of your current abilities.

The WASZP class is growing rapidly, worldwide and learning to sail this will bring you entry to a large, likeminded group of enthusiastic sailors, many of whom regularly come to Garda to sail.

Foiling Windsurfer

Courses for 1 or 2 windsurfers at a time, supported by an instructor in a powerboat.

Students should already be able to plane and use the harness and footstraps before trying foiling windsurf. We offer non-foiling courses to get you to this level.

Laser courses

Courses for 1 or 2 sailors together, supported by an instructor in a powerboat.

Ideal for Laser owners or those with experience of similar sized dinghies. As an end in itself or as a stepping-stone to the WASZP. Those with no dinghy experience should talk to us about „Zero to Hero“ courses

Kurse Wingfoil nicht länger verfügbar

Courses for 1 or 2 people in the latest watersports craze, supported by an instructor in a powerboat.

ESS Foiling Centre courses and training

Our foiling courses for 1 or two sailors at a time and training sessions for the WASZP racing dinghy. courses. Most foiling courses are advanced and require good experience in non-foiling craft e.g. conventional windsurfers and small dinghies. For experienced sailors wanting to try foiling, we offer one and two hour try lessons. For those who want to fully develop their skills, we offer 6-hour and 10-hour courses and for those with limited experience of dinghies, the „Zero to Hero“ course will teach you dinghy sailing before an hour to try the Foiling Laser.

Our teaching is both on land and on-the-water. While on the water your instructor will either be in a similar craft or teaching from a powerboat using radio helmets. For all students on courses (not training), We supply safety helmets, a buoyancy aid and a wetsuit (if required).


Internationally recognised training

We are a registered RYA centre which gives you access to courses recognized throughout the English-speaking world, that have been developed by the RYA with decades of dinghy sailing experience.

We are also the European Importer for WASZP and MOTH and the European Spares centre for both.

We are agents for the FOILZ system which upgrades a Laser dinghy to a full foiling dinghy, with the ‚wand‘ positioned on the bow, giving much higher stability than on other dinghy conversions to foiling.

We run training sessions for WASZP and also arranged for WASZP regatas at the Malcesine Sailing Centre including recent European Championships.

Our foiling instructor Marco is also the WASZP class association chairman.

Typical prices

(1 hr try)
one person
  • Experience foiling with a qualified instructor who will encourage you to take flight
  • Buoyancy aids and helmets provided
Windsurf foil
(Try 1 hr)
one person
  • Experience foiling with a qualified instructor who will encourage you to take flight
  • Buoyancy aids and helmets provided

Enjoy the lake from the water

Europa Surf and Sail (ESS)


We recognise that not every customer will want to invest 10 hours to learn to foiling and may just want to try the experience. We offer one- and two-hour try lessons in most foiling craft with an instructor teaching from a powerboat.  This enables customers to try sailing for up to 2 hours but if they wish to continue with a formal 6- 10- or more hours course we will offer a package of extra hours to bring them to the level they desire.

At the moment, all of our courses are designed and run by ourselves (Europa Surf and Sail or ESS) because we focus on the WASZP and Foiling Laser which were both designed by Andrew McDougall (of Moth fame). At present the RYA courses use a different dinghy which, in our opinion is less able to foil easily for learners.

We work closely with VDWS and our „Zero to Hero“ course is based on a VDWS basic certificate for dinghy sailing, focussed on a single-hander, followed by one ore more lessons in a foiling Laser (the FOILZ kit).