RYA Start Sailing (Dinghy)

2 days

Der Kurs

An RYA course enabling you to sail a boat and understand how it works. It is the first course in the RYA progression and follows a syllabus set by the RYA which covers safety, launching, returning and sailing upwind and downwind. The inclusion of a capsize drill is recommended but is optional.


Starting in a small dinghy or catamaran, with one instructor per boat, we will get on the water as soon as is safely possible to familiarize you with sailing. Quickly we will give you a chance to steer and begin the progression to teaching you starting, stopping and turning the boat. We use the RYA method for two-handed dinghies for all students but can switch to single-handers when skills permit.

Kurs- und Zeitplan

Course duration: 2 days in total (can be run as 4 half-days). Usual lesson time is 3 to 4 hours mixed between sailing and theory to prepare you for the next exercise. Some of your time will be rigging (preparing the boat) and de-rigging) at the end of the lesson. To ensure maximum learning time, you should come prepared to sail and change before your course starts if possible.


Start Sailing is the first course in the RYA progression for adults or older juniors (usually 14+) who have not sailed before. Students must be confident in and around water and we can accommodate most people, regardless of your normal activity levels. Check with us if in any doubt. We recommend that aspiring keelboat and catamaran sailors complete a dinghy course first, followed by a short conversion course as they will understand better how wind drives a boat, when learning in a dinghy.

So kannst du buchen

Courses can be booked by contacting the ESS office by email, phone or enquiry form on the website (a button on this page will pop-up a booking form, another button is a general info form)


  • Wind awareness, rigging, parts of the boat
  • Sailing across the wind, stopping (lying-to), speed control
  • Basic tacking(turning the front of the boat through the wind)
  • Sailing upwind and downwind
  • Launching and landing
  • Awareness of other water users and basic knowledge of the rules of the road
  • Safety, personal buoyancy and weather conditions



Unsere Kurse finden täglich nach Anfrage statt.


We will provide the boat, instructor and course materials such as an RYA logbook. RYA textbooks covering the activities (and more) can be purchased from the shop. You should bring your own sailing shoes or old trainers for use in the boat.

Weitere Kurse

So sieht ein laufender Kurs aus

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