ESS Try Windsurfing (2 hrs)

2 hrs

The course

Two hours with an instructor, finding out how you take to windsurfing. Can be used as first session of a full course. One-hour option also available

Teaching method

Starting on the land with basic techniques and some theory, you will quickly progress to trying those skills on the water.

Course and session timing

A two-hour session. Make sure you are ready and changed into sailing clothing (or wetsuits) before the start of your sessions. This will maximise sailing time.

Pre-course experience

A wonderful course suiting all and requiring no previous experience

How to book

Contact our office by phone or email or complete an enquiry form by pressing ‚Check Availability‘.

What's provided

Our courses run daily upon request

What's provided

Buoyancy aids and wetsuits are provided for all course attendees. Bring a change of clothes and suitable footwear such as old trainers.

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Please ensure that you read and understand our COVID-19 procedures and the terms and conditions of your course contract with us. Copies of these will be emailed with your course confirmation and are available, laminated, at the beach. You will be asked to sign to confirm that you have read and understood them.