ESS WASZP Try Lesson

2 hrs

The course

Two hour course to learn how to fly the foiling WASZP! The base course uses the foiling WASZP and students should already be experienced in sailing a single-handed dinghy. Those with no experience of dinghies should look to the „Zero to Hero“ course first.

Teaching method

The course uses a foiling WASZP configured to suit the student (sail size, wings) and an instructor demonstrates techniques on the water as well as following in a powerboat to coach using the radio helmet. There will usually be two students per course, simultaneously on the water.

Course and session timing

Overall duration of 2 hours, consisting of 2 individual sessions of 1 hours each. The time needed to prepare the boat and to launching are included in the lesson time. Students who need more hours to fly can extend the course by purchasing additional lesson packages.

Pre-course experience

Minimum requirement: advanced knowledge of the sailing a small dinghy. Students with no dinghy experience should look first at the VDWS “Zero to Hero” course. NB: EXPERIENCE IN YACHTS OR CATAMARANS ALONE IS NOT SUFFICIENT FOR THE FOILING WASZP.

At any time in the duration of this course the instructor can summarily interrupt the lesson if any of the following occurs:
1) Increase in the strength of the wind
2) The arrival of wave conditions unsuitable for foiling
3) Insufficient sailing capabilities evidenced by the student
4) Excessive physical strain evident in the students comportment, symptomized by tiredness or shortness of breath.
If the lesson is terminated for points 1) and 2) the remaining part of the lesson will be rescheduled for another day.
If the lesson is terminated for points 3) and 4) the remaining part of the lesson will be rescheduled for another day on the Laser Foilsz.

How to book

The dates of the course and individual session will be agreed with the ESS staff.

Course start

Our courses run daily upon request

What's provided

Safety equipment for the course includes a buoyancy aid and radio helmet. A wetsuit can be provided but bring your own footwear.

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Please ensure that you read and understand our COVID-19 procedures and the terms and conditions of your course contract with us. Copies of these will be emailed with your course confirmation and are available, laminated, at the beach. You will be asked to sign to confirm that you have read and understood them.